Private Design Communities


Dribbble and Forrst are two great and incredibly popular private communities, are you apart of them?

Unless you aren’t very active in the designing community, you probably have heard of two great private communities for designers (as for Forrst it includes developers as well) that have really great talent on the website. I like the private design communities because it really weeds out the average designers, of course there are still average ones, but it seems like they tend to have more advanced designers.

I am a member of Forrst, but not of Dribbble. Even though I’m not a member of Dribbble I still visit it pretty frequently to look at all the “shots” that the players are submitting. The talent on those websites are really incredible and its fun to look at and get inspired on designing things and how good you could hopefully become!

Are any of you members of either? If so leave a comment of your username! My username on Forrst is willstumpf.

If you haven’t checked them out, make sure you do!

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