IPod Touch Finger Prints


Not only are Apple’s new ipod touches awesome, but they also have a sweet looking logo. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make that!


In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to create a cool looking effect that Apple used in their new iPod Touch Ads and stuff.

Heres what were making:

Of course my or your results will look exactly like this but were not learning how to accomplish this just to copy Apple! We’re learning it so you can apply this to other instances as well. Lets begin!

Step 1

In this tutorial you will need to get a picture of a finger print, I found the one I’m using by a simple google search.

Once you found a finger print, create a new document and paste the print into the document. The finger print I’m using was pretty big so I had to scale it down to about 75px by 115px

Step 2

I’m going to spell touch so I need five of the finger prints, so duplicate the layer as many times as you need and put them next to each other over lapping a tiny bit.

Step 3

Okay now its time for the fun part! Coloring the finger prints.

You might think this is going to be hard but its actually incredibly simple! So lets get started.

Create a new layer above all the other layers. Change the Blend Mode to Color.

Command+Click a finger print layer (I’m going left to right) to select it, then with your newly created color layer fill the selection with #ff7c21

Step 4

Now all we have to do is repeat Step 3 four more times, but each time change the color.

Heres the colors in order from left to right.

#1 #ff7c21
#2 #fb321d
#3 #2b6aff
#4 #0098d1
#5 #a9da56

Step 5

One more final touch left on the color. On #2 add a radial gradient at the bottom to about the middle using a foreground to transparent gradient. Set your foreground to: #fd3180

Add another radial gradient on #3 on the top left, again use a foreground to transparent, set your foreground to: #e067f3

And lastly, another radial gradient on #5, from the left to the center. Set your foreground to #69bfe0

Step 6 – Final Step!

For the final step all we have to do is add text!
Create a text layer (T) and write “touch”. set your font settings to: Lucida Grande at 100pt with 85 tracking (spacing) and color #ffffff.

Create another text layer this time have the font Myriad Pro and set it to Semibold and the size 165pt with -65 tracking

Move the touch text in front of the finger prints, play around with your font size and spacing till it looks right, it will be different for you depending on how close you put each print and what size you made them. Lastly, move the iPod text layer above the finger prints and center it on them and thats it!


Congratulations! You completed this incredibly easy tutorial to show you how to create the finger prints like Apple did for their new iPod touch! Hopefully you learned enough from this tutorial to create your own things using these methods. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments or send me an email.

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