The Website Layout That Gets Results

As an entrepreneur, one of the strongest weapons you have in your branding arsenal is your website. Your website showcases your brand to the world: who you are, what you’re about, the service you offer, and how you’re light years ahead of the competition.

Because your website is so important to your brand’s success, it’s crucial you design it in a way that optimizes the user experience and clearly articulates your brand’s value.

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Build Brand Identity With DesignBold’s New Personalization Features [Video]

An iconic color scheme or font is an essential part of your brand’s identity. Consider Facebook’s logo, for instance. Just looking at a lowercase “f” in the right font brings the social network to mind immediately. Whether you’re a huge corporation or a small business, using consistent colors and fonts builds  your brand identity and improves recognition.

DesignBold’s latest update introduces two new features that will keep your branding consistent from design to design. First, a new custom color palette keeps your brand’s iconic colors close at hand while you design. Second, the ability to upload custom fonts lets you branch out beyond the 181 fonts currently available to DesignBold users.

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5 Ways To Celebrate Women’s Day With Graphic Design

Every day, we benefit from women’s political, economic, cultural, and social achievement in society. On March 8th, International Women’s Day, people across the globe will take the time to celebrate the countless contributions women have made in their lives.

There are a hundred ways to celebrate Women’s Day: from gifting flowers to rallying in the streets for women’s rights. Whether you’re loving or fighting this Wednesday, here are five ways to use easy graphic design to get your message across.

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Online Design That Saves Time: How To Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle Successful Visuals

Using design tools can be fun, but the faster you create what you’re after, the faster you get back to running your business. There’s an easy way to spend less time designing promotional material and still make a splash on local bulletin boards and online. Use the three “R”s – reduce, reuse, recycle – to create amazing designs in no time.

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Visualize Success With An Infographic Resume

Organizations brave tsunamis of online applications every time they post job vacancies these days. Recruiters often sift through hundreds of applicants, spending an average of just six seconds on each resume. Turn your six seconds into a 60-minute interview with an infographic resume that visualizes your strengths.

Creative professions – like graphic designers, illustrators, artists, and marketers – have long used visual resumes to demonstrate their creative value to potential employers. Whatever industry you work in, striking visuals can make your application pop.

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Facebook 20% text rule

Perfect Promoted Posts That Stay Below Facebook’s Text Limit

“Just take my money already,” might be the first thing that crosses your mind when Facebook or Instagram rejects your ad for having too much text. Facebook’s rule, which limits the amount of text on a promoted or boosted image to just 20% of that image, is definitely frustrating.

Don’t get stuck venting to an empty screen, though. There’s an easy way to get your promoted posts past Facebook’s text check every time.

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The 50+ Stunning Business Card Graphic Design For Merchants

What is this The 50+ Stunning Business Card Graphic Design for Merchants about? It is very imperative to have a well-designed business card in order to come up with an effective business card. Business cards can become a reflection of yourself. Not only can you make a good first impression to the customers, but also the “one of a kind” business card can leave someone something to remember you and help your business deal.
There are a lot of designers out there who can design for you the stunning business card. However, just imagine that how great it can be to give away your business card which designed by yourself.
So are you ready to check out our collection and design your own?

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The Best Real Estate Flyer For Realty Companies

Sometimes choosing a good real estate flyer becomes daunting for a realty company. You have to select the good designs which have illustrated well your properties, and it sometimes makes you think of hiring a designer who has the significant skill, talent, devotion, and creativity.

However, it seems to waste your money and time so this blog is the best solution for you. We would like to present to you The Best Real Estate Flyers for Realty Companies.
All these layouts can help you to create the best real estate flyers for your marketing project which do not cost any penny. In addition, you can easily edit it in your own way, own style. So let’s start.

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